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Premium/VIP Membership

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Premium Membership

How to join Premium Membership?

Premium membership will be granted automatically when you purchase one of Premium packages or VIP packages.

Examples of Premium Packages

Examples of VIP Packages

Duration of Premium Membership

Duration of Premium membership depends on what package you purchase, as shown below.

Package Membership Day
$39 package 10 days
$59 package 20 days
$99 package 30 days
$199 package 60 days
$299 package 90 days
$499 package 150 days
$599 package 180 days
$799 package 210 days
$999 package 300 days

You can see the remaining period of your premium membership on either ‘My Status’ or loading screen. You can access 'My Status' by clicking on your profile picture at the bottom of the game screen.

Loading Screen

Benefits of Premium Membership

1) Lucky Wheel Bonus in every 3 hours

Premium members will get Daily Free Spin Bonus four times more frequently than non-premium members.

2) Daily Premium Visiting Gift

Premium members can get Daily Premium Visiting Gift by visiting DoubleU Casino. The gift is issued once for the first visit of each day, and this is limited to once every 24 hours. The amount of bonus chips can vary.

Premium Visiting Gift in Inbox

3) Weekly Premium

Premium Membership Event takes place once a week. Premium members can participate in this event by clicking on ‘collect now’ button at the bottom of DoubleU Daily or through the event pop-up screen.

Event Pop-up Screen

Flip the cards and claim yours!

4) Special More-Chips Coupons

Special coupons are issued to premium members on a regular basis. Coupons can be applied when buying new packages. The number and rate of coupons can vary.

Examples of Special Coupons

5) Admission to the VIP Lounge (so-called 'The VIP')

Premium members can enter the VIP lounge. The VIP has four different styles of rooms - 'Antique', 'Modern Party', 'Oriental', and 'High Tech'.

Exterior of the VIP

Interior of the VIP

Bigger Jackpots

Mega jackpots machines are all around the lobby! Jackpots in the VIP Casino are built up much faster than those of other casinos.

Special Bonus items

Special floor bonus items of much higher price.

Personal Attendant

Personal attendant will serve you.

6) Premium gifting

Premium members can send premium gifts - Premium golden egg, Premium slot of fortune, and Premium scratch and win - to friends. Premium gifts usually give more bonus chips than original gifts do.

Example of Premium gifting: Premium Golden Egg in Inbox.