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What is local storage pop-up by Adobe flash?

Dear, [Name].

This pop-up asks you click Allow or Deny permission to store information in your local storage . By allowing this permission,  temporary information on your game will be stored on your PC. This allows you to go back to bonus round in Slot or hand in Video poker after disconnection and refreshing window.

Most importantly, temporary info will be coded and  DoubleU Casino never store info on your account or any other private thing. Therefore, there will be no security breach. If you want to learn more about local storage pop-up, click here.

If this pop-up is not operated properly, please click here and update your flash player into the latest version. Also, changing your web browser to google Chrome will be helpful and you can install it by clicking here

You should be careful in clearing cache of your web browser because it also delete the info on your local storage. If you clear cache after disconnection, you can't go back to your bonus round or video poker hand after disconnection.