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Why do I have posting problems?

Posting issues can happen due to a number of factors. Some are beyond our control, some are not. Following are the factors. 

Following behaviors can lead to restrictions by Facebook.
• Restrictions by Facebook 
 - Too many shares of post in a short period of time
  - Excessive copy and paste, friend request, message, and the other request in a short period of time 
 - Inappropriate posts like pornography, spam, advertisement, and any other offense.
 - The other behaviors regulated by Facebook.
• Page view error: Sometimes you can't see your own posts on other user's wall, which is why you could misunderstand that your posts are not shared with them.
 Any other possible factors: Problems occurred by Facebook server, web browser, and any other reason.
Facebook doesn't inform you the exact period and reasons, and most of the restrictions are temporary. But, the period could be extended if you do inappropriate actions repeatedly. In this case, you'll definitely have trouble posting for a long time, or even be blocked permanently. In most cases, restrictions are temporary. Therefore, you should refrain from posting for the time being. But, if you have this problem consistently, you're strongly recommended to delete this app and re-sign in, and this will never influence your chip balance, experience level, mission badges, friends list, and any other status.

What are fortune cookies for?

Fortune cookies are everywhere in the lobby floors. You can get clicker free chips by sharing them with your friends, and you are paid according to the numbers of clickers and your fortune. The maximum clickers in each post is five, and Premium/VIP member’s cookie is two times of the other's cookie.
If you have a problem  in sharing cookies, please refer to "Why do I have posting problems?" in FAQ.

Why my Big win screenshots are not shared?

The number of screenshots you can post is limited. Also, there is a possibility of posting problem. If you can't post screenshots for a long time, please click here.