How can I send gifts to all of my friends at once?

By checking "Select Friends" box in gifting pop-up, you can send gifts to all of your friends on the list. But, you can just send about 20 requests to your friends only, and an error might occur when you try to send them all at once. If you want more infomation on DoubleU's gifting system, please click here

Why my Big win screenshots are not shared?

The number of screenshots you can post is limited. Also, there is a possibility of posting problem. If you can't post screenshots for a long time, please click here.

I didn't get friend inviting bonus. Why?

You can get friend inviting bonus of 50,000 for each of your friends. You are paid only when you invite friends who have yet to play (logged in) this game, and if they actually accepted your invites. If you want more information on DoubleU's friend system, please click here.

How can I get into The VIP casino?

The VIP is a special casino for Premium/VIP members, and they are given a free pass to The VIP during the membership period.

You can join premium membership by purchasing at least one of packages with price over $39 dollars. If you want more information on Premium Membership,

please click here

VIP membership is a special membership service for the customers who spent more than $499 dollars.
What is local storage pop-up by Adobe flash?

Dear, [Name].

This pop-up asks you to click Allow or Deny permission to store information in your local storage. By allowing this permission, temporary information on your game will be stored on your PC. This allows you to go back to bonus round in Slot or hand in Video poker after disconnection and refreshing window.

Most importantly, temporary info will be coded and DoubleU Casino will never store info on your account or any other private thing. Therefore, there will be no security breach. If you want to learn more about local storage pop-up, click here.

If this pop-up is not operated properly, please click here and update your flash player into the latest version. Also, changing your web browser to google Chrome will be helpful and you can install it by clicking here

You should be careful in clearing cache of your web browser because it also deletes the info on your local storage. If you clear cache after disconnection, you can't go back to your bonus round or video poker hand after disconnection.

Why is it so hard to hit a Jackpot?

(You win a jackpot only if you see this sign.)

Jackpot winnings totally depend upon player's luck. However, you will get more chances of winning Jackpot as you spend more time on the machine regardless of bet range. 

You can see many jackpot winners in "Recent Jackpot" ticker,"Jackpot winner" on DoubleU Daily news, and "Jackpot" tab on "Ranking" sticker on the left of cityscreen. On average, hundreds of Jackpots are hit everyday in this casino, which means more players actually win Jackpots than you think.

Jackpot is the amount of money accumulated by a small portion of bet money at each spin or hand  by players until it's hit.
Therefore, casino has no reason to control it and gain nothing by controlling it.
You will eventually grab a chance to hit a Jackpot if you continue playing.
Why are machines so tight? It's a rip off.

It's not true. We're doing our best to provide customers with better payouts, and we are maintaining fair payout ratio, which is not tight at all.

Can I get my bingo cards back? I was disconnected.

You can go back to bingo round that you were playing if you refresh or load again. You don't lose your bingo cards and marks, but you should go back to your room quickly so that you don't miss out number calls. If you want more infomation on DoubleU's Bingo, please click here.

"Disconnected from server" occurs frequently. Can you help?

Connection lost pop-up comes up when your connection has been lost.
Connection lost can happen due to a number of factors.
One of three notice pop-ups inform you of the factors that resulting connection lost occurred to your game.

I. Another login into your account

This pop-up indicates that your connection has been lost by another login into your account from another browser, browser tab, or computer.
In DoubleU Casino app, only one login is allowed per user account at a time as stated on the pop up above.

This issue can happen due to the factors below : 

 Click on the link to the same app page.

If you click on one of the links to DoubleU Casino app on free chip event post, bonus feed on your news feed, or any other post while playing the game, you will be logged out of the first client (game) because the link loads another client into your web browser's tab. 

Therefore, it is recommended that you refrain from collecting bonuses from the feeds while playing game.

• Another login into your account and game loading from another computer or device.

In this case, you'll be logged out of the game immediately.
Another person could be a family member, relative, friend, neighbor, or any other related person. Therefore, you should refrain from sharing your account to 
prevent connection lost. 
Account abuse caused by security breach is also a core factor. You and another person may attempt to log into the game competitively, so connection lost would occur repeatedly. 
• Multiple loads of games into multiple browsers or browser tabs by mistake.

You might load more than 2 game clients into a single web browser or browser tab by mistake or accident.

In this case, the first session will be closed immediately.
II. Network problems on user's internet or casino's server

This pop-up means that your session has been closed due to the instability on your network or the server.

This issue can happen due to the factors below : 
• Unstable local internet service 

Unstable internet service is one of the important factors of frequent connection lost. In this case, it is recommended that you ask your local internet
provider to check out your internet status.
• Wireless LAN 

Wireless LAN is more unstable than local internet service, so network disconnection may occur more frequently.

The frequency of connection lost may differ according to the status of wireless LAN service nearby.
 Auto-lock option in Windows 7 / Vista
Computer locking is a security measure that is common for all Windows Operating system. Whether your computer stays idle for a specific time, or you lock it by yourself by pressing specific combination of keys. 
The computer becomes "locked" and you have to enter your user name and password to unlock it.
In Windows 7 / Vista, auto-lock disconnects your PC from network, so your game could be disconnected frequently if you selected this option.

To prevent this, you're strongly recommended to follow these steps.

1. Right-click the desktop and select "Personalize".

2. Select "Screen Save”

3. Deselect "On resume, display logon screen" check box to disable auto-lock option.

Auto-lock option in Windows 10
1. Right-click the desktop and select "Personalization".
2. Click on the “Lock Screen”
3. Click on the “Screen saver setting” button.
4. Deselect "On resume, display logon screen" check box to disable auto-lock option.
By this setting, you can prevent disconnection occurred by a long-time "idle" status.

To activate screen lock after the specific time of "idle", please increase the amount of minutes in "Wait" box.
However, you're recommended to be careful in using this setting because another person might use your PC while you're staying out of it.
This is only a guideline to prevent disconnection, so DoubleU Casino has no responsibility or liability for any possible security breach caused by disabled auto-lock option.
•  Server down / crash / instability
The game servers are provided and managed by a server providing company, so unexpected accident may occur in these servers by natural disaster,
breakdown, malfunction, erroneous management, or any other factor.

It rarely happens, but it might happen.

•  Maintenance
We have an engineering skill to apply a patch without closing the server, but we sometimes have to shut down the servers to improve our system or fix the
errors on our system.

We try our best to notice you the maintenance in advance.

III. Temporary malfunctions or errors

This pop-up shows that your session has been closed due to temporary malfunctions or errors occurred either in your client or the server.
Most of the time, it's temporary.
So, please click on "Rejoin" button in a moment to go back to your game.

IV. Countermeasures

We have several countermeasures to protect your free spins, hands, payouts or any other item from connection lost.
For example, in slots, you can directly go back to your bonus round without losing free spins if you click on either "Rejoin" button or refresh on your web browser after connection lost.
The data on your game is stored to "Local storage"(click to learn more) in your computer if your PC's local storage is not disabled.

This measure is capable of preventing loss or damage in the followings:

• Slot : Free spins and winnings

• Video poker : Hands in multi-hand play and winnings

• Bingo : Bingo cards and winnings 

• Table games : Round proceedings and winnings
    - In table games, your round proceeds while you're reloading. So, It is recommended that you hit "Rejoin" button immediately to join your table and play it again.
How do I check my purchase history?

This is how you can attach receipt of your payment.

1. Left-click on the reverse triangle on the right of "Home" button on your homepage.



2. Click on " Payments" on the left, and click on "view".

3. Click on the number of amount below "Amount".

4. You can check the receipt of your payment. Your purchase would've been made only if "DoubleU Casino" is indicated on the right of "App" 

5. If you want to learn how to  take a screenshot of the receipt, please click the link below.


How to take a screenshot





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